24 February 2009

2009 Academy Award Fashion

The Best

Ann Hathaway

Natalie Portman

Marisa Tomei

Evan Rachel Wood
Alicia Keys
The Worst
She mugged a sofa, a really ugly

Meryl StreepThere is simply no excuse, for
dressing this badly. Are there
no mirrors in Connecticut or
California? Why can Ms. Streep
not find someone who can
design and dress her for these
very public events?

Kate Winslet
Ms. Winslet, as usual, a horror.

Nicole KidmanLooking like a plucked chicken
is now the height of style?

Melissa George
It didn't work for "Barbie" why
does Dolce & Gabbana
think it would work
for a real woman? Where's
the dress which goes
over the foundation garment?

Tilda Swinton
This is so ugly on so
many levels.

Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Anyone for black
candles at

Miley Cyrus in her knock-off

The original Christian Dior
ballgown from
1949 - 1950

Penelope Cruz

It may be vintage
Pierre Balmain, but it looks
too, too
"Gone with the Wind"
without the hoop.

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