02 March 2009

Menswear - Ready-to-Wear Collections - Autumn Winter - 2009

The Autumn Winter - 2009 - Menswear Ready - to - Wear Collections offer some of the very best options for Men commencing with what I view as the Top Seven. Not usually an admirer of either Dolce & Gabbana or Calvin Klein, but for next Autumn Winter, these Collections were marvelous. My only complaint, one I have made repeatedly is the ruinous line created by all of those buckled pant legs. With all of the good tailoring found in these clothes, why oh why must pant legs buckle over the shoe. It is a tiresome and unfinished look.

The Best...

Dolce & Gabbana

Sublime. Sumptuous. Luxurious. Elegant. I can't heap enough adjectives and praise upon this collection. It doesn't get any better than this in Ready-to-Wear. If you possess the body and the means, acquire every piece.

Giorgio Armani

Calvin Klein


Adore this Collection. My only criticism is of Ms. Prada herself. Women of her age, height, and weight, should not wear skirts above the knee, and if, they must, they should never appear in public without hose!

Jil Sander

Dries Van Noten


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