24 February 2009

Haute Couture - Spring Summer - 2009

With the ever-dwindling number of Houses of Haute Couture showing collections, it remains sad to view what was once the best option for dressing the International Woman of Style reduced to the current offerings. It appears to me, that those presenting, with three (3) exceptions, remain committed to the destruction, rather than the advancement, of Haute Couture.

Alexis Mabille - He should focus more upon his work for Women, as they appear quite a second thought, not to mention uninspired and rather ugly. His Men's work appears to be his primary interest, and while intriguing, the client base for such creations, is exceedingly limited.

Armani Prive - An unusual collection. Powerful, yet, perhaps, too powerful? I can not make-up my mind about this collection. I like it and I don't.

Chanel - M. Lagerfeld always delivers creations which may actually be ordered and worn. My only disappointment with this collection is the above-the-knee obsession.
Most women's knees are not attractive, so why not drop to below the knee? As presented, it appears too little girlish and not at all for a sophisticated Woman of Style.

Christian Dior - As usual, an enormous BORE, from the Costumier posing as a Couturier. For far too long, John Galliano presents one endless parade of nothing but Costumes, for that never-ending fantasy life of his mind. I for one have loathed his creations from the first and am tired of viewing these horrors. He is not a genius, nor is this "Art for Art's Sake". No genuine Woman of Syle wears such creations. I wish M. Arnault would focus on the Haute Couture in appreciation of the Woman of Style instead of all these absurd creations which may sell a Dior lipstick or accessory, but are at the very least hard on the eyes. Perhaps, both M. Galliano and M. Arnault should be forced to wear these creations themselves, prior to their presentation and realize the dire maneuverability issue any one would face in attempting to wear such absurdities.

Christian Lacroix - A master of color. Yet, another horrible collection.

Elie Saab - A rather good collection, generally, and one of the few that is actually wearable.

Givenchy - A Nightmare. How I miss the talented M. Hubert de Givenchy. He must be heartsick to see what has become of his House. First, forced out by M. Arnault to make room for the grotesque that is John Galliano, then a parade of equally non-talented temporary "stylists". I share your anguish M. Givenchy!

Jean Paul Gaultier - Yet, another Costumier posing as a Couturier. He needs to cease thinking of Madonna, as even she doesn't think of herself as an upstairs maid.

Valentino - Marvelous and Wearable.

Alexis Mabille

Armani Prive


Christian Dior

Christian Lacroix

Elie Saab


Jean Paul Gaultier


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