14 April 2013

Lee Radziwill...(PT I)

For the pure fun of listening to an engaging individual, I offer this video for your enjoyment.

Lee Radziwill...(PT II)

Lee Radziwill, Thus Far...


13 April 2013

Haute Couture - Spring - 2013 - The Worst...V

13th April, 2013

Haute Couture - Spring - 2013

The Worst.


He continues his overlong victimization of both Haute Couture and women. Always VERY scary stuff! I say "ENOUGH"! (The silver coat, is good if not made of recycled this or that!)


Garbage, garbage, garbage! Insulting to all Americans and their Culture, of which she clearly knows NOTHING! She must have just seen "Gone with the Wind" late last year. Insulting to Walter Plunkett, the Costumier, of the lovely originals (though wildly historically inaccurate) in the 1939 film upon which her garbage is "inspired"! She is yet another who does not belong in the realm of Haute Couture.