05 February 2010

2010 Grammy Fashion

Firstly, allow me to say, I have in the past viewed the Grammy Awards no more than twice. Since then, I do not view them. What I have gleened of the Fashion at this, yet another contrived "Awards" show has been the harbinger of bad taste across the board. This year appears to be more of the same.

My Favorite...

This may surprise a few of you, what with my very strong anti-costume commentary. But, at an event such as this, where costume can play a very specific role the wise such as Madonna in decades past, Gwen Stefani, and now Lady Gaga understand the importance of conveying their persona to a wider audience, hence making them quite memorable and highly individualistic within the context of this public relations pseudo-event.

Lady Gaga in collaboration with GIORGIO ARMANI have created, what is in my mind, an abstraction of the dress from the 1950 Walt Disney animated film "Cinderella" which is superb in its vision and execution. I applaud both and wish more people would opt for such collaborations in future.

Beyonce in Stephane Rolland
What Beyonce knows about Fashion, is a HUGE nothing.

Carrie Underwood in Edition.

Celine Dion in Aquilano Rimondi.

Ciara in Givenchy Haute Couture.
Yikes! A Grammy slumber party!

Jennifer Lopez in Versace
All I can say about this horror is "Did Ms. Lopez forget that the auditions
for Troy are long over?"

Kaley Cuoco in Nicole Miller.
"Interview with the Vampire"?

Katy Perry in Zac Posen
Not a red carpet dress. Underscoring once again
that Mr. Posen possess no talent whatsoever.
At first glance I thought those "flowers"
were doggie footprints!

Keri Hilson in Dolce & Gabbana
Boring! Boring! Boring!
Only one of the three made their own dress?

Kristen Bell in Etro.

Lea Michele in Romona Keveza.

Mary J. Blige in Gucci.
Ridiculous on so many levels.

Miley Cyrus in Herve Leger.
Ugly! Ugly! Ugly Why does she never get it right?

Nicole Kidman in Prada
Dull as ever.

Rihanna in Elie Saab Haute Couture.
What a pity such a lovely woman
opted for a variation on
"The Bride of Frankenstein"!

Sheryl Crow in Bottega Veneta.
All these years in the public eye,
and she still knows not how to dress.
I for one am sick to death, of that
70s coiffure.

Taylor Swift in Kaufman Franco.
Quite good!

Toni Braxton in David Meister.
Nothing special.

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